A Believer's Authority
Vol. I [DVD Set]  $35.00
Vol. II [DVD Set]  $35.00


The Pursuit of Vision
Vol. I [DVD Set]  $35.00
Vol. II [DVD Set]  $35.00


Growing Into Sonship
[DVD Set] $30.00


Intentional Success
[Book] $15.00

Three Guarantees to Prayer
[CD Set]  $35.00


Changing The Image Within You
[CD Set] $35.00


The Healthy Church
[CD Set]  $40.00


The Kingdom Family
[DVD Set] $40.00


Faith Factor Tour
[DVD Set]  $20.00
[CD Set]  $15.00


The Ministry of the Supernatural
Vol. I [DVD Set]   $35.00
Vol. II [DVD Set]   $35.00

The Bookend Principle of Leadership
[CD]   $10.00


Faith That Brings Heavens Atmosphere
[DVD Set]   $35.00


The Ultimate Gift
[DVD Set] $35.00

Activating the Spirit of Leadership
[CD]   $8.00


The Covenant Series
[DVD Set]  $35.00

Release, Restoration, and Rewards
[DVD Set] $12.00

The Season of the Crossover
[CD Set]  $25.00
[DVD Set]  $35.00



Hope That Maketh Not Ashamed
[Book] $15.99